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Trust is one of the main factors that consumers look for when dealing with property. JLC General Insurance services aim to provide its users with the best mortgage services. We have been working since the year 1991 to provide the best insurance services to our customers.

We have worked tirelessly to establish a transparent yet trustable relationship with our customers over the years.

Following are the mortgage services JLC General Insurance provides:


We support our customers in taking decisions about home loans before they step into the lending market. In addition, we make sure that the loans provided to our customers suit their needs and wants. Our representatives will guide you throughout the process so that you understand each and every detail of the process.


You can contact JLC General Insurance for your commercial financing as well as refinancing. We make sure that your thoughts about your business match the right investment and appropriate financing solutions. Our refinancing solutions are not only restricted to business but we also provide commercial financing solutions regarding home and personal loans.


Investing in property is one of the riskiest decisions but not with JLC General Insurance. We make sure to formulate a game plan that has multiple ways to offer you the best. It will cater all your need and will be fully formulated as per your choices.

JLC General Insurance is widely aware of the investing market and its fluctuations, hence we make sure that our customers benefit wholly from their investment plan and maximize their returns through multiple ways.


Self-managed super funds is one of the most common loan plans after retirement and also for tax payments. Here the employee or the trustee can have complete control over the assets they have invested in.


Hassle-Free, Worry-Free Loan Protection Plan

We meet the loan obligations like no other in case of terminal disease, illness or death. JLC General Insurance makes sure that our providers pay you/ your family directly and not your lender. You can avail our amazing offer to cover for your mortgage or other expenses. Our plans are for all types of employments and do not require medicals.


We understand your busy schedule hence our team is readily available at all times to come to you and give you the most apt financial solutions. You can call us at morning, afternoon or even evening, we don’t shy away from assisting you at any time of the day.


Be in the driver’s seat of your car while purchasing one! JIC helps you control your payment plan for good. We make sure that you get the right amount of care and details in making the right financial decision with also aligns with your goals.

Contact us now to assess your finances and insurance needs.


Thinking of venturing out on a new business or want to want to expand your already thriving business? We offer commercial loans to businesses big and small. JIC helps you make the right decisions by assessing your business needs and offering the right financial solutions.